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Shiloh Baptist Church
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Baptist History

From Spencer's history of Kentucky Baptist Page 334-335


At Nolin (Baptist) church, on one Saturday, Mr. Thurman appeared very despondent. There had been a long dearth, and the pastor's heart was discouraged. He told the church that his labors had not been blessed; it probably was not the will of the Lord that he should labor among them, and advised them to procure another pastor. He sat down, and a profound and painful silence ensued. Among the members present was the aged widow of John LaRue, alter whom LaRue county was named. She was one of those noble Priscilla with whom God occasionally blesses his churches. She had sat in a leaning attitude, listening to every word the pastor said, until he sat down. After a few moments of profound silence, she straightened herself up, and pointing one finger directly at the minister, said, in a strong emphatic tone: "Brother Thurman, I'll tell you what the matter is Stop preaching John Calvin and James Arminius, and preach Jesus Christ." After a few moments, Mr. Thurman arose, with the tears streaming down his cheeks, and repeated the text: "For I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." The sermon that followed was one of thrilling power and eloquence. A revival  commenced, during which 100 persons were added to Nolin (Baptist) church. The revival influence spread rapidly over the surrounding country, and there were over 1,000 conversions within the bounds of Salem Association.


Statistics of Baptist at the close of the 18th century From Spencer's history of Kentucky Baptist Page 481

In 1790, there were, in the State, three associations, 42 churches and 3,105 members. At that date, the population of the State was 73,677. This gave one Baptist church, in round  numbers, to every 1,754 of the population, and one Baptist to every 23 of the population.  In 1800, the population of the State was 220,955, while there were in the State six Baptist Associations, 106 churches and 5,119 members. This gave one Baptist church to every 2,084 of the population, and one Baptist to every forty-three of the population

Speaking the truth in love

"The True Baptist doctrine has so long and so much been mixed into the batter of universal doctrinal progressiveness, that the unstudied Baptist preachers of today have baked their own leavened cake, iced with stubborn pride, and the taste of their complacency is too sweet to resist, so they swallow, without chewing, unaware and uncaring that a tasteless poison of false doctrine has been hidden inside, and so they feed it to their starving churches."

 Written by Laura Novotny Member of Shiloh Baptist Church



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